Disability Management

Children with additional needs and disabilities (e.g. Autism, ADHD etc) can participate successfully in OSHC but an additional educator might be required to meet their needs. Please provide the service with a document from a health professional stating your child’s disability diagnosis. This will assist us to care for your child as well as gain Inclusion Support Funding to increase educator to child ratios in the service. We will then ask you to complete a Risk Minimisation Plan to best care for your child. Please update information shared with service when your child’s needs change.

If your child has a disability please provide:

  • A diagnosis document from a treating Health Professional (letter, assessment, plan etc. stating the child’s disability-NDIS plans can also be used)
  • Complete a Risk Minimisation Plan - arrange a time to complete with Directors of service
  • Upload both documents to your child’s FullyBooked account
  • If your child requires medication to be administered during OSHC, the three plan Medical Management Plan must be completed (as described above)-including a Medication Agreement, Medication record and medication labelled and stored correctly.
  • Allow time for the service to complete a COMMUNICATION PLAN informing staff of children’s disability needs