School Card Scheme

Apply via the link below to be part of the Government assisted School Card Scheme. Families eligible for School Card are not required to pay any gap between the Materials and Services Fee set by the school and the School Card allocation.

What is the School Card Scheme?

The School Card scheme offers some financial relief for eligible low-income families. This helps to cover education costs (materials and services charge).

The School Card scheme is not offered to preschool children.

Please contact the front office for further inquiries, or apply via the link below.

How and when can we apply for School Card?

Families will need to visit the SA Government website via the link below to apply online. Alternatively families can obatin a form via the front office at the beginning of each year. To provide your children with the best education we can and to make next year’s school budget balance, we need ALL families to make arrangements for fee payment. Your financial support is essential support for your child’s schooling.

2023 Application for School Card (