At Torrensville Primary School, we follow the Australian Curriculum to provide an engaging and relevant educational experience for all students F-6. Teachers develop differentiated programs to meet the needs of our students, supported by a strong team of Student Support Officers. We aim to develop students’ identity, resilience, self-management, reasoning and communication skills, understanding of interconnections and capacity to positively influence their futures.

We teach a growth mindset approach and use a combination of explicit instruction and inquiry approaches to maximise learning opportunities, promote student ownership of their learning journey and respond to current pedagogical research.

Throughout the year students are exposed to a wide of variety of additional opportunities, including Camps and Excursions.

Information and Communication technologies are embedded across the curriculum. All classrooms are fitted with an interactive whiteboard and have access laptops and Ipads on a daily basis. The use of multi-media is incorporated into all learning areas ensuring students are confident and respectful users of a range of tools to enhance their learning and methods of communicating.