Health Care Plans in OSHC

Children with a diagnosed health condition must have a current Medical Management Plan, medication labelled by the pharmacist, in date, names corresponding with medical documents, medication record forms (if medication is to be administered at OSHC) are completed to attend service (to meet Regulation 90 in the Education and Care National Regulations).

Three Plans must be completed before bookings can be made 

  1. Medical Plan (completed by medical practitioner)
  2. Risk minimisation plan (completed by family & service)
  3. Communication plan (completed in service by OSHC staff)

**If your child needs medication to be administered during OSHC for a short term minor health condition (e.g. antibiotics) for 1 week or less, please contact service Directors and complete the Medication Agreement and Medical Record before your child attends OSHC.**


  • be completed in full and signed by a medical practitioner.
  • Include a start and review date
  • The child’s photo, name, date of birth
  • Be uploaded to child’s FullyBooked account (when completed, contact service to approve documents)
  • Reminders of upcoming review date are sent by email (if you have FullyBooked notifications on)
  • Be updated after review date has expired with a new plan
  • If medication is to be administered during OSHC sessions the service also requires:

- a Medication Agreement must be completed sessions

- A Medication Record (family and service) with specific details (dates, times etc) for service to administer medication during OSHC sessions


  • be completed by Family/Care Giver and OSHC Director – Contact OSHC to arrange time to complete RMP
  • be uploaded to child’s FullyBooked account, (contact service for Directors to approve documents)
  • be reviewed regularly
  • reminders of upcoming review date are sent by email (if you have Fully Booked notifications on)

MEDICATION REQUIREMENTS (prescribed, over the counter, complimentary medicines)

  • Medication will be stored in insulated medication storage bags at a cost of $20- charged to family FullyBooked account.
  • Must be labelled with a pharmacist medication label (including child’s name corresponding with Medical Plan, instructions for administering medication).
  • Must not be expired.
  • A Medication Agreement must be completed by parent or caregiver if medication is to be administered while attending OSHC.

- not required if listed in an Asthma Care plan, Diabetes Action & Management Plan, INM Medication Agreement or Anaphylaxis/Allergy Action Plan.

- If Controlled Schedule 8 medication, oxygen, insulin, pain relief (e.g. paracetamol or Ibuprofen to be administered for longer than 72 hours) is needed to be administered during OSHC, a medical practitioner must complete the Medication Agreement.

  • A medication record must be completed by parent or caregiver & service specifying details for administering their child’s medication during OSHC sessions.


  • Directors will communicate children’s Medical Management Plans with TPS OSHC Educators before children are able to attend the service to provide responsible, quality care for your child.

MEDICAL PLAN FORMS for DOWNLOAD (to be completed by medical practitioner)

Asthma Plan


Allergy, Drug Allergy, Ananphylaxis Plans

Allergic Reaction Drug Allergy Anaphylaxis

Non-Specific Health Care Plan

Health Care Plan

Seizure Management Plan


Risk Management Plan

Risk Minimisation Plan