Information for Parents

Please see the Policies and Procedures for internal information regarding Torrensville Primary School.

Supporting your school child

The following are some ways you can be involved in the school and or your child’s education. We understand that some parents are unable to help in the classroom and whole school but you will be able to help with ideas at home.

At Home

  • talk positively with children about school
  • read with children
  • read ClassDojo messages
  • read newsletters
  • read assessments/reports
  • help with homework e.g. encourage and support, give children a quiet space.

In the Classroom

  • class information evening
  • parent-teacher interviews in areas requested by teacher – reading/writing conference, social
  • support class outings e.g. suggestions, attendance.

Whole school

  • support special programs e.g, Greek, The Arts, PE
  • attend school functions e.g. Sports day, Working Bees, End of year Celebration
  • work in library
  • attend workshops
  • provide sports coaching/transport
  • look after and be proud of our school
  • support our OSHC. (out of school hours care) e.g. use, promote in community
  • join Governing Council
  • join the Parents & Friends group who help with fundraising, sustainability, sewing and gardening.