Specialist Programs

Our specialist programs are:

Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts program is an interdisciplinary approach to dance, drama and music education. Students engage in a variety of practical hands-on activities, which encourage students to expand their imagination and develop powerful and creative ways to express themselves. 


Our Modern Greek language program offers students the opportunity to actively engage in learning Greek as a language other than English. Students are provided interactive lessons to develop skills in literacy and linguistic structures through the study of the Modern Greek language. The program strengthens students with essential communication skills and increases their knowledge and understanding of the significant connections to the Greek culture and the English language.

Health & Physical Education

Engaging students in Health and Physical Education is an important part of life. Our ohysical education program gives students the chance to learn a wide range of sports and physical activities to help create students who are active for life.  

Through our health curriculum we aim to develop our students knowledge, understanding and skills of their own and others health, wellbeing and safety.