Principals Message

Welcome to Torrensville Primary School

Torrensville prides itself on offering a diverse and inclusive learning program where students have many opportunities to achieve their personal best.

Torrensville Primary School’s mission statement is “We are committed to being active, life-long learners who listen to the views of others. Everyone aims to have a safe, happy life where we contribute to the community and the world. By caring for each other, we can all get along. We embrace all learning to be successful in life.”

Our school values of Respect, Harmony and Achievement are incorporated into our actions for all to see. Learning is based on an inquiry focus from reception to year 7. We are committed to effective relationships; we believe it is essential to have authentic connections between all members of a learning environment to promote participation in the wider community. Restorative justice practices are used to solve problems in ways that repair, restore and build on effective communication.

We offer a range of extra-curricular opportunities including Festival of Music, instrumental music and sporting activities. Diversity is celebrated and promoted and is the reason many parents choose to send their children to our school.

Our reputation for catering for students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, or with learning difficulties and disabilities or giftedness, is highly recognised. As well as our mainstream classes, we have a Primary District Special class for students with additional needs. Our population reflects a wide range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

This website provides an insight into the many exciting learning experiences your child can have at Torrensville Primary School.

I look forward to talking with you about how we can meet the individual needs of your child.

Kind regards
Yunni Seindanis